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Chrysalis Retreats Newsletter June 2022

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Hello from Caroline and Rachel at Chrysalis Retreats! This month we have some retreat news! We are taking our own personal retreat over the summer, and we invite you to create your own retreats over this wonderful season.

As you will see there are some compelling reasons for us to take some ME time over the next few months. We see it as a real opportunity to live our retreat values and to take some time out to focus on different themes. We share some of the simple ways we create our own mini-retreats and hope you will find your own ideas to do this too.


Summer is here and we're going on retreat!

Summer is the season to bloom, and we are looking forward to blooming in our own lives over the next few months. Here we share what we are looking forward to.


After last year's vast vegetable growing experiment I decided not to grow too much in the garden this year and focussed instead on making it a relaxing sanctuary for us as I’ve been growing a human for the last 9 months and we are expecting his arrival any day now.

The time has gone by so quickly and I can’t quite believe we’re on the cusp of welcoming him into the world!

My unread books pile has certainly built up over the last few months so I’m looking forward to spending the remaining days pre-arrival in the garden with a selection of good reads and mocktails!

Over the last 9 months, my partner and I have been studying Hypnobirthing techniques and opted for a home birth to encourage an active and natural labour. A couple of weeks ago we did a dummy run of our ideal set up with each room in the house having a different feel and purpose. The living room will be converted into a spa-like setting with our birthing pool and plenty of oxytocin-inducing smells, sounds and lighting. Having this input into the setting has helped us to feel relaxed and excited about the birth.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been enjoying a slower pace of life as I try to balance rest and relaxation alongside making the most of this quiet ME time that I may not see again for some time. I’ve had to really pay attention to my body and energy levels so as not to overdo it, which is easier said than done when there are so many wonderful things to do and people to see, especially during these longer, warmer days.

Making time for tuning into my body and inner world has helped me to do this and to remain connected to the incredible experience of pregnancy.

I’ve especially enjoyed the pregnancy yoga class at Manchester Bodywise and once the little guy arrives I’ll be back at the baby class with him. I’ve had some amazing Reflexology and experienced Shiatsu Massage to help alleviate pregnancy aches and pains and to help balance my energy.

It’s hard to fully imagine what life will be like once our new addition arrives but I am very much looking forward to finding out, learning from this new soul and enjoying a beautiful family summer together.

Me and bump :)

I’m also growing some Monsteras from cuttings and am pleased to report they are doing very well. You can see one on the window ledge here behind me, developing its roots before being planted.


Well, I haven’t got such a pressing reason as Rachel to go on retreat - my girls are grown and left the nest some time ago. I do have grandchildren though, and since our move nearly 18 months ago, it has been a joy to see more of them and be part of their lives. There are four girls 14, 5 and 2 (that’s the twins) and two boys who are there on a part-time basis 15 and 10. Summer holidays are a special time as school is out and days are long. I am looking forward to spending time with them whether it is messing about in the garden or day trips to our new favourite places. I can't wait!

The garden also calls me at the moment - I have been planting in the spring and so much is coming into flower, it is quite a kaleidoscope - and my strawberries and raspberries are thriving! Some friends gave us a beautiful arbour bench and it is a peaceful spot for morning coffee, accompanied by my new bamboo wind-chimes.

I will also be doing some walking in the Yorkshire dales, exploring new routes and treading familiar paths. It is an opportunity to switch off and completely decompress.

Not that the summer's without excitement! For something completely different I am going to the Edinburgh Fringe for a few days in August. I have no idea what I will do there, it will be spontaneous, stimulating and great fun!


Create your own mini-retreats

Even if you can’t take much time off over summer, it is possible to create your own mini-retreat throughout the day. Here we share how we do this ourselves to give you some inspiration and ideas.

Mini-retreats in your routine
Download PDF • 622KB

And if you'd prefer to mix up your routine completely why not try;

  • Take the morning/afternoon or day off and head out for a solo breakfast or brunch

  • Do something just for you (massage, reflexology, go for a swim etc)

  • Visit somewhere new - a park, museum, gallery, place of interest

  • Listen to a new piece of music whilst walking or laying somewhere beautiful


Celebrating National Walking Month in May

We hope you managed to get out walking during May.

How did you get on with our challenge? Do let us know in the comments below.

The weather has been kind overall and we really enjoyed our Chrysalis Retreats Mindful walks. It was great to meet new people and share the joyous and nurturing experience of walking.

Caroline reflects that one of her learnings, as she develops more mindful walking, is to take the pace a bit slower, and really appreciate the surroundings and what she sees, hears and can smell. The blossoms and birdsong have been truly delightful. She has recorded a guided mindful walk for you to listen to for relaxation, and to inspire your own mindful walking.

Caroline has had her own walking challenge on a bigger scale in May.

She walked the length of Hadrian’s Wall with a group of friends - the book said it was 85 miles, she says it lies, and they actually walked 95 miles!

The scenery was stunning, with wild crags and steep climbs and descents in the middle section, with gorgeous wildflowers everywhere.

Every day was different, and it is hard to beat that feeling of being tired and glowing after a day’s walking.


So as we begin our own summer retreats, we can reassure you that we will be back in the autumn with more ideas and opportunities to get together. There are many more ideas in our previous blogs, posts and newsletters you will find useful, so there is plenty to keep you going. In the meantime, we will look out for your comments and reply to your messages as soon as we can.


An invitation...Join us on our next retreat

Our next retreat in the beautiful Eden Valley in Cumbria is for the Spring Equinox next March 2023 - We know that seems a long way off so here are some good reasons to book your place NOW!

  1. You are making a conscious decision to care for yourself

  2. You have a wonderful experience to look forward to - just for you

  3. You will get to be with a small group of like-minded women - our maximum group size is 10

  4. We have a great early bird booking offer! (Discount and payment plan)

Find out more on our website

Here at Chrysalis Retreats, our vision is to support women to take a pause and reflect at key moments in our lives and clarify what’s important as we move forward. We recognize that women face specific challenges in life and in work that show up in times of transition or uncertainty, and we are here to guide and support women on their personal journey. Our retreats are designed to allow spacious time for reflection, learning from each other and experiencing the joy of being in nature.

If you enjoyed reading this newsletter, please share with others and spread the word. We are all about women supporting women and keen to connect with other like-minded women.

If you want to get our newsletters, blogs and other interesting stuff directly, then please sign up to join our list on our website and keep right up to date.

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