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Chrysalis Retreats Newsletter March 2023 - International Womens Day

Hello from Caroline and Rachel at Chrysalis Retreats!

March is the month of International Womens Day on March 8th - a day devoted to celebrating the achievements of women and seeking gender equality. The campaign this year is #EmbraceEquity. We hope you will share this theme with us and celebrate the women in your life as well as other women across the world.

The IWD 2023 #EmbraceEquity campaign theme seeks to get the world talking about why "equal opportunities are no longer enough" - and can in fact be exclusionary, rather than inclusive. It is not about everyone having the same - it is letting people have what they need to achieve equality. You can read more about the difference between equality and equity, as well as lots more information on the IWD website

We see our work as coaches to support women to take their place, have their voice and make the changes they want in the context of an unfair society - despite equal opportunities legislation and other examples of progress, women face many challenges to experience equity. Coaching, and our retreats are part of our contribution to addressing this. Whilst we work with individuals and groups, we also want to be part of a movement that brings about change in society. As part of this wider commitment, we are both coaches for Queen Bee Coaching, a Greater Manchester based organisation offering free coaching to enable women from diverse backgrounds to realise their full potential and rise to positions of influence. It is a great initiative and example of women supporting women.

Our aim is to #EmbraceEquity everyday - Here we are in our embracing equity pose! - Even baby Bodhi gets a look in :-)


Why we support women at our retreats.

We understand the issues many women face in trying to lead a balanced and fulfilling life. Many of us have experienced stereotypes of expectations at work and at home. Some of us have at various times been trying to have it all and often feeling like we are failing on all fronts. And of course, we tend to frequently taking on too much, ending up juggling many plates..... Perhaps we try and please others too much, or we try too hard to live up to an image of ourselves that is unrealistic. Working with a group of women offers opportunity for rapport and support and freedom of expression of thoughts and feelings which is unique. We collaborate to support each other. We give each other confidence to explore what balance means to us and to consider alternative choices in a safe space and to make changes happen. We are partners with women in addressing these issues and challenges. There is something magical about a group of women that we can experience together.


We do like this philosophy!


Our Balance Retreat - 21st May 2023

This day retreat is themed around balance - how we can bring more of what we need into our lives, and less of what puts us out of kilter. So whether you are going through a phase of transition in your life or you have plans for change but feel daunted by it, or you feel your time and energies are not in line with your priorities in life, this retreat is for you. On this retreat day you will have space and time to think. You will be guided and supported to explore:

  • How your life is balanced right now and what's important to you

  • How it feels to be centred and grounded to access your inner strength

  • What changes you can make with confidence that will move you towards the balance you want

Just to remind you - this day retreat is set in a gorgeous rural landscape on the Derbyshire / Staffordshire border near Ashbourne. Our venue is a rustic and homely space on a working farm. A place to feel safe and cosy. We love the walk with its hedgerows, birdlife, pretty river and trees - so many opportunities to connect with nature - with a few man-made surprises!It is amazing what can be achieved in a day if we open ourselves to the experience of retreat and we would love you to join us and to create more balance in your life.

We are limiting our numbers to 10 guests, so it remains small and intimate as well as supportive and collaborative. You can book now - here are more details:


How about Now? An invitation to celebrate the women in your life.

International Women’s Day is all about banding together and showing support for each other.

The amazing accomplishments of women don’t just include those who are prominent. Everyday women accomplish amazing things that are worth shining a spotlight on and acknowledging.

Today, reach out to a woman who inspires you and let her know that you see her. Take time to pause and reflect on their qualities that inspire you and fully celebrate them.

Tell her that she’s an inspiration, and the impact she has on your life.

Some examples could be:

  • Women who make work a place where women can thrive

  • Women who challenge society’s expectations

  • Women who campaign to empower women’s choices in health

  • Women who have made a difference in your life

  • Women in our families, friends and our networks for their ongoing support

Hoping to meet you in May, and we will be in touch before then.

Caroline & Rachel xx


Here at Chrysalis Retreats our vision is to support women to take a pause and reflect at key moments in our lives and clarify what’s important as we move forward. We recognize that women face specific challenges in life and in work that show up in times of transition or uncertainty, and we are here to guide and support women on their personal journey. Our retreats are designed to allow spacious time for reflection, to learn from each other and experience the joy of being in nature.

If you want to get our newsletters, blogs and other interesting stuff directly, then please sign up to join our list on our website and keep right up to date.

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