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Chrysalis Retreats Winter 2022/23

Hello from Caroline and Rachel at Chrysalis Retreats!

It has been a while since our last post and as we prepare for a cosy and restorative winter, it is good to reconnect and share news about us as well as Chrysalis Retreats.
Last time we wrote, Rachel was due to have her baby, and Caroline was taking some time out to spend time with family and review her work commitments. So we have both been on different journeys of exploration and experiences. Now we have had time to pause, slow down and snuggle up into winter.

Chrysalis Retreats - our next retreat is a one-day experience - Sunday 21st May 2023. £120

This day retreat is themed around balance - how we can bring more of what we need into our lives, and less of what puts us out of kilter. So whether you are going through a phase of transition in your life or you have plans for change but feel daunted by it, or you feel your time and energies are not in line with your priorities in life, this retreat is for you. On this retreat day, you will have space and time to think. You will be guided and supported to explore:
  • How your life is balanced right now and what's important to you

  • How change affects your balance and how to manage that with ease

  • How it feels to be centred and grounded to access your inner strength

  • What changes you can make with confidence that will move you towards the balance you want



This inspirational retreat offers time for you to reflect on what balance feels like for you, and what might be stopping you from being in balance more of the time.

There is space for you to consider a range of aspects of your life, and work with us and other participants to explore the changes you could make with ease. There is time for personal reflection too. In keeping with our love of nature, we have an optional mindful walk to connect with the landscape. We have some new elements planned too, and more of that nearer the time. You will leave knowing what balance looks like for you, and what you can do to move towards this, armed with tools and approaches you have experienced on the day. This day retreat is set in a gorgeous rural landscape on the Derbyshire / Staffordshire border near Ashbourne. Our venue is a rustic and homely space on a working farm. A place to feel safe and cosy. We love the walk with its hedgerows, birdlife, pretty river and trees - so many opportunities to connect with nature - with a few man-made surprises! It is amazing what can be achieved in a day if we open ourselves to the experience of retreat and we would love for you to join us and create more balance in your life. We are limiting our numbers10 guests, so it remains small and intimate as well as supportive and collaborative.

You can book now on our website, where you will also find more details: Book now and know that you have something to look forward to and time set aside just for you.


On a personal note

News from Rachel..

Bodhi entered our lives in June and it feels like he has always been with us. The last six months have flown by and he is changing so much with every day. It’s incredible to witness the impressive rate of growth and change in the first year of human life. It has felt more important than ever to carve out time for myself and returning to daily yoga practice has helped me to feel more in tune with my body and mind. Bodhi is an early riser and full of beans in the morning. My yoga mat runs alongside his playmate so that he can watch me and I can watch him, it’s a great set up! I have found and lost the feeling of balance many times over the last six months and it continues to be a wonderful ride! Here we are winding down for the day :)

Caroline says:
‘I have enjoyed some precious time with my family and built more of this into my life. I have also become more involved in groups in my local community, making new friends and starting new activities - including french conversation (very rusty!) I have also joined a weekly walking group which has taken me on new paths round my neighbourhood. I have taken some time to think for myself, and as a result I have reshaped my coaching practice to ensure that I have better balance in my life. I love autumn and winter as a time to appreciate change in nature as well as personal. It is a time for self-care and to enjoy the experience of a new balance’.

How about now?

It is quite a while until next May, so here are some thoughts about winter. Now is a time to adopt a fresh new outlook and find enjoyment in the little things as we ease into the comfort of winter and all that brings. How are you finding winter? Take some time to think about what you appreciate about this time of year and the impact of shorter days, changing landscapes, unpredictable weather, wrapping up warm…. Here we are at our retreat venue last weekend planning the day! Looking forward to seeing you next May, and we will be in touch before then. Caroline & Rachel xx


Here at Chrysalis Retreats, our vision is to support women to take a pause and reflect at key moments in our lives and clarify what’s important as we move forward. We recognize that women face specific challenges in life and in work that show up in times of transition or uncertainty, and we are here to guide and support women on their personal journey. Our retreats are designed to allow spacious time for reflection, learning from each other and experiencing the joy of being in nature.

If you enjoyed reading this newsletter, please share with others and spread the word. We are all about women supporting women and keen to connect with other like-minded women.

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