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Retreat blueprint example

All retreats are bespoke and co-designed to meet your needs and dreams. 


Arrive & connect

We have a plethora of activities to support your group to arrive, settle in and let go of tension and distractions.

Working with each other and our environment we set intentions for the day ahead.



Through a range of discussions and reflective activities, we explore topics that matter on an individual and collective basis.

Topics such as;  rest, presence, connection, balance, time and energy, collaboration, communication



Go beyond your current thinking using a range of mindful and creative activities to expand possibilities. 

Mindful walks, artistic expression, visualisations and embodied practices.

We are nature lovers so no matter the setting we bring the outside in to support learning and connection.


Reflect & commit

We share a range of tools and techniques to support your group in making sustainable and effective changes.

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