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The Power of a Pause…

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

The Power of a Pause…

Notes from our Winter Warmer Retreat in Cumbria - January 2022

We have just returned from our Winter Warmer Retreat in Cumbria and are excited to share this wonderful experience with all women who yearn to stop the relentless ‘doing’ and take the time to just be. To pause. To tune out from the noise and tune into inner peace and wisdom, reconnecting with what they are truly capable of.

The women who joined us on retreat had this in common – they needed time to think…to pause, to take stock, to re-evaluate what’s important and to consider new life choices.

For us as retreat leaders our mission is to support women in creating personal and wider change. Working together we have a unique synergy and combination of experience and styles. We focus on enabling our guests to take time to reconnect with themselves, and to feel supported and able to commit to what is important to them in achieving greater harmony and balance in the way they live their lives. We offer a real chance for generative thinking and feeling, all set in a simple and natural environment to allow connection with nature. We thought and hoped it would be good, and it exceeded all of our expectations!

Here’s a flavour of what we got up to...

Guests loved the cosy, peaceful calming vibe

We offered guided reflections to help guests connect with their inner desires and let go of what does not serve.

Mindful walking enabled us to contemplate possibilities and allow ideas to emerge.

Lots of life journey metaphors came to us, with bridges to cross, hills to climb, lanes to wander……

We took time to appreciate what we have in life with our gratitude tree

Group and pairs discussions gave us time to think and explore

Meditations, informal yoga and visualisations calmed the mind and enabled clarity of thought

We balanced time to think with embodied practice, listening to the wisdom of our body and achieving greater harmony within.

Oh, and we had great food and lively chat around the table, fire and whilst looking at the stars!

In the words of our guests

“I would love for my friend to have this experience”

“This retreat is run by two lovely experienced and trained coaches whose focus is that of the participants - client centred with time to think..”

“ Lovely opportunity to take time out, think and spend time reflecting. The retreat strikes a great balance between gentle physical activity and carefully facilitated group and personal exploration”

“ I felt really calm and focused when I came home, and that feeling has lasted. I have remained focused on a few, achievable intentions and feel very positive about these going forward.”

“ I really enjoyed the retreat, and feel its benefits have extended beyond the weekend itself, in terms of subsequent conversations and how I’m planning to put some of the approaches into practice.”

“ Feel much more confident and energetic and in control”

“The venue was perfect…The facilitators relaxed and at the same time professional and challenging…”

“Great to meet people and learn from them..”

Come and join us for our Spring Retreat 24th-26th March 2023 at The Haybergill Retreat centre in Cumbria

If all of this strikes a chord with you, and this sounds just what you need, we would love for you to join us at our next retreat to celebrate the arrival of Spring.. We see this as a chance to consciously emerge from the winter period. A time to take control and set intentions for the year ahead and beyond.

We all need to take time to pause and reset. For those who feel they are too busy to take time out – you need it even more – and for those who feel uncomfortable taking time out for themselves – you too need it as a long term investment in yourself to better serve others and your causes…

Take time for you

You will be nurtured and cared for - delicious vegetarian food, fresh air, rest, warmth, calm. It is time to relax and think, to decompress, chill out. Escape from uncertainty and anxiety.

Join us there – sign up below and share with other women you think would be inspired to take this time for themselves.

With love from Caroline, Rachel and The River Eden xx

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